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Ventilated facades


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Flooring - Terraces


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Special works


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Reinventing extravaganza in constructions

Every building should be able to offer its residents comfort, safety and indoor warmth and at the same time have a pleasant outer appearance. These qualities can be achieved through a series of modern architectural processes, provided by a team of specialists.

With the help of Reinvent Line, construction works are brought to life! Our dynamic, experienced team offers all the solutions a building needs to acquire the above mentioned qualities. We furnish the most modern solutions for building insulation through ventilated facades and wall coverings, floorings for terraces, paths or stairs, as well as finishings and special works needed to render the high quality, natural look of a building.

We are consultants and executors for architects, builders and interior designers, always coming up with the right solution at the right time. We offer customized, prompt and durable services, regardless of the type of building we finish up. We always respect the owner’s requirements and demands and we come with an innovative solution that will meet any expectation in terms of ventilated facades, floorings or finishings.

Reinvent Line takes the extravaganza in constructions to a new level! Get in touch with us if you have any questions or collaboration proposals and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Contact us by using the information available on the Contact page.